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Maya’s headlong rush into marriage isn’t working out… and it isn’t the only collision course she’s on these days. Her saltwater distractions aside, her father-in-law wants her gunned down for reasons unknown, and her pesky bodyguard – when he’s around – seems intent on drowning her in want and regret.

Maya is desperate to hold onto any small part of herself she understands. When escape becomes her only option, she finds herself in a race against a past – and a man – she can’t outrun. 

February 14
Errin Stevens
Ingram DV LLC

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rokinrev ,

A marvelous addition

“A shipwrecked sailor may find the isle of his dreams in the depth of all his fears” Anthony T. Hincks

In this, the Third book in Errin Stevens Mer Chronicles we focus on Maya Evans, estranged wife of Stuart Evans, son of Thad Evans, of Health & Wellness Prescriptives in New York City. Through little fault of her own, she gets caught up in Thad’s tangled life that could get them all in some serious trouble.

Being the third in the Wilkes family to catch the heart of a siren makes Maya off limits to Aiden who still figures out how to “watch over” the woman he feels as his “bonded mate”, managing to disguise himself as a member of the Evans’ Security force. However, when things go awry, he spirits her away, the heck with the consequences! While things fall apart around the Evans family, Maya is taken to a remote area and the sirens block her memory as she settles into a small community and opens a clinic to help the people.

Both her now ex-husband and his father are trying to find her as what the THINK she knows makes all their lives in danger. Will Thad and Stuart find Maya? Does she know what Thad thinks she does? And, just how can you explain the “Fish Man” incident on the East River? You’ll just have to read this story to find out!

It’s been a while since Stevens has added to Updrift and Breakwater, the first two books of this series, and I’m “happier than a clam at high tide” that the wait is over. I adored the first two Mer Chronicles and it’s obvious this author has not lost her touch as she weaves Maya Wilkes Evans’ into the fold. Thank you Errin Stevens for these wonderfully flawed characters. I will be sharing these books everywhere I can. Highly Recommended 5/5
[disclaimer: I received this book from the author and voluntarily reviewed it]

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