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Anarchy — Strange Tales of Outsiders, is a compendium that includes a novella, short stories, and fragments, all with a common theme—a punk outsider on a dark journey.

The Carny Cage is a prison story that metaphorically crosses the cell of an inmate with the cage of a carnival ride. Dirk is a con whose life is like the ride, the Zipper—locked up and spinning round inside. No chance of breaking free, he hopes the ride will not crash and he will get what he wants.

Where the Road Roams is my first novella. Inspired by the writings of William Burroughs, its narrative is fragmented and broken like its protagonist, Dean. In the genre of a road story, it is about the journey to find Dean's lost brother and piece together the puzzle of the past. One section was done in the cut up method, where the present story, the past, and a dream poem were printed out, cut up with scissors, and arranged back together to create something new. This is the original, unaltered version since it was the first and is unique in its broken, strange, monotone form.

The Wolf, The Drifter, The Gate, and Fragments were part of a journal I kept in 2005. I would write snippets while observing the denizens of the streets. Watching people can teach you a lot about behavior—watching people on the fringes even more so. The journal was filled with random thoughts, slices of life, and dreams.

The Deadfall is my call back to the slasher films of the 80s and of the foreign terrors of Dario Argento. It is a blueprint for a film I wanted to make when I was nineteen. The Deadfall may be fragmented and confused in focus, but it is an interesting relic of a time gone by.

Dark is three passages about goth, black-clad teens who use symbols and incantations to call dark spirits from the depths. The scariest thing about horror is the unknown, so I chose not to explain what was coming for them. It was originally called De Profundis, Out of the Depths, a nod to Thomas De Quincy's Suspiria de Profundis.

Death Tarp took shape after I saw some graffiti spray painted on the Castro train station in San Francisco in 1998. Right before I exited into the gay neighborhood was "Burn the AZT Death Tarp" in crude red letters. I wondered who was so bitter at the disease that they would write that cry for help. It caught my imagination and I filed the story idea away for a few years until an urge to write a hardcore horror piece came upon me. I added the supernatural element of a piece of the AIDS quilt becoming a shroud for a victim and having their soul go into it and reform it into their own image to seek revenge.

Under the Moonbow, began while visiting Cumberland Falls State Park to see some haunted sites. The falls is one of the rare places to see a moonbow. This natural phenomenon only happens on a clear night when the moon is full. The place was full of mischief and urban legends. The area stuck with me and became a perfect place to end a story about an angelic daemon locked up in an asylum. Maleki, who was trapped by an unspoken bond to his psychiatrist, had to play a game of therapy to be set free and return home. I thought it fitting if the last of his race, the Acutus, lived in a cave behind the moonbow.

Take some journeys with my outsiders in tales that fall outside the normal. Walk with them through their twisted punk world-views filled with strange characters, sudden violence, and chaos. — DS

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January 13
David Sharp
David Brady-Sharp

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