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As the janitor in a haunted house, single mom Abby Jenkins has many contacts with the living and the dead in the small Pacific Northwest town of Sunset Cove, which puts her in a perfect position to solve local mysteries. Or so she thinks. Hired to find diamonds hidden in a haunted manor she gets help from a Viking ghost with existential issues. Will she survive? This book contains bad-boy ghosts, mischievous magic, and a woman who knows what she wants in a Viking hayloft.

November 13
Jo-Ann Carson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

A Ghost & Abby Mystery

Midnight Magic by Jo-Ann Carson is the first tale in A Ghost & Abby Mystery series. I thought Midnight Magic was a lighthearted magical story with a cast of unique characters. Abby Jenkins is thirty two years old, a widow and has three young children. Abby can speak with ghosts, but she does not want others to know about her gift. If Abby wants to keep her secret, she should really be more discreet since Sunset Cove is a small town. I wish the author had provided more details on the characters (like last names). I wanted them to be fleshed out a bit more as well. I liked the author’s conversational writing style which made Midnight Magic easy to read. It is a short story that contains under 190 pages (the rest is excerpts from other books). The story is written in the first person point-of-view which allows us to be privy to Abby’s thoughts. I was not a fan of the foul language and the amount of time devoted to intimate relations (too explicit). I did not feel that Midnight Magic needed either of these elements. I did enjoy the sarcastic banter, but the story felt incomplete to me. To get the necessary answers, I would need to pick up the next book in the series which I was not compelled to do. Midnight Magic is an upbeat paranormal mystery with a haunted hall, a vintage Viking, potent potions, and magical mayhem.

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