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Dirt is for heroes.

"Kevin Killiany's delightfully immersive writing sucks you right into the characters, their situation, their location, and their lives. A most compelling read." ~ Keith R. A. DeCandido, Author of Novels in "Star Trek," "Supernatural," "Sleepy Hollow," and More

Mara Duval, a spacer born on Tombaugh Station, came down to Earth prepared to endure six weeks of exile on the disease-ridden, war-torn wasteland that spacers call dirt. Instead, she discovered the Space Service's stranglehold on access to space is built on lies, and people who deserve to be part of humanity's reach for the stars are denied their birthright. Mara got the word out, and for her crimes was "disappeared" without warning.

But the Space Service desperately needs people to explore and colonize the outer worlds, young people who can be molded in the spacer tradition. To attract national attention, they launch the first Boot Camp competition: a months-long contest, with the top twelve finishers earning a coveted spot in Space Service Junior Officer Training. And because of Mara, Boot Camp is open to everyone.

Jael Alden has always known her future lies among the stars—but decades of Space Service discrimination stand in her way. Boot Camp gives her a chance to take the Space Service head on, to make one of those spots her own. She doesn't care the contest will be rigged against her, designed to make all minority challengers fail. Jael has wanted the stars all her life—and she's willing to risk everything to prove the best will always rise from dirt.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the third book in this critically acclaimed, timely, young adult science fiction adventure that's sure to keep you riveted. [DRM-Free]

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Young Adult
May 7
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