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She runs from a forced marriage. He runs from lies. They both run from love.

No! Absolutely not! Never! He dictates and drinks until drunk. I'd kill him before our wedding day has ended.

Sorrell let's her step-brother know that she wants no part of the marriage he arranged for her. Unfortunately, the Clan Macardle is in dire straits and this marriage would prove beneficial. Besides, it's not like there's a line of suitors vying for her. She's a spitfire, though you would never know it with her petite size. Unafraid and strongminded, Sorrell lets nothing stand in her way. Not even the giant of a man who arrives at Macardle keep looking for shelter and food for a couple of days.

John is surprised by the wee woman's fearlessness, by her foolishness, and by her beauty. She gets herself into more difficult situations than he thought possible. But it is none of his concern. He is there only for a few days, then he'll be gone. His life has been a hellish nightmare for the past two years. He is looking for a place where he can be alone to think and decide what to do next. He needs to find out who is responsible for all the lies and deceit that has torn his life apart.

John finds himself protecting Sorrell, more like saving her time and again, and Sorrel finds herself relying on him, something she rarely, if ever, does with anyone. Chaos breaks loose when the pair find themselves in a compromising position. But the chaos is nothing to what Sorrell finds out about John's true identity.

Sorrel must face leaving her sisters, settling in a castle with a husband she's not sure she knows, with a father-in-law who put a price on his son's head, all while trying to figure out who wants her dead. Could things get any more complicated?  Enter the horde of barbarians. Nothing is as it seems, but Sorrell is fearless… until she faces true fear.

March 27
Donna Fletcher
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Dale Mom ,

Another good one

She does it again. You cannot go wrong with Donna Fletcher.
Great story, characters, love, devotion and humor that makes you smile.

lbelter ,

Highlander of my Heart

I enjoyed reading Ms. Fletcher’s new series and I’m looking forward to reading the next one. The character development was well thought out and has a good plot that can be easily followed.

* I received a free copy for my honest opinion.

Socialsuper ,

A mystery page turner

This trot turns into a quick run in this newest page turner from Donna Fletcher. 4.5 Stars.... I received an advanced copy of the story from the author herself. I felt it has a leisured start with a long introduction to the backstory of this new trio. Once the lead man was introduced it seemed to pick up rather quickly to the point where you find yourself finishing the book at 2am. This mystery is captivating and just when you think you got it figured out... you don't. Enjoy the playful banter between theses two stubborn lovebirds. It will definitely have to trying to solve the riddles with them. Cheering them on all along. You will be one of them. Solving them with every page and trying to hide your shock when the truth is releaved.

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