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At a very young age, Sydney Regan made a promise to her elderly neighbour. She promised James Baylor, a man who she routinely sought solace and comfort from, that she would find her destiny. Ever since that day, she has struggled to find an answer to one lingering question. How will she know when she has found it?

Unfortunately for Sydney, growing up in a small town was merciless. Living with an alcoholic mother weighed down by declining mental health subjected Sydney to a belief that her upbringing defined her. Moreover, many adversities outside of her home caused Sydney to assume that she was irrelevant to the world around her. Despite her struggles, the gift of a small, ornamental dog always gave Sydney hope and an imaginary box buried in the depths of her mind ensured her survival.
A quarter of a century later, Sydney has found herself to be an invisible partner in a once happy marriage. In reflection, she begins to contemplate whether she has truly fulfilled the promise that she made so long ago and questions the reason why the pathways of her life have complicated her ability to do so. Fortunately, life can often provide a juncture that isn’t easily recognized. For Sydney, it occurs early one morning when a phone call places her on the highway to be with her critically-ill mother. During her journey, a song with significant meaning plays on her radio and opens a door to a pathway that will lead Sydney to a life that she could never have imagined.
For some, destiny may have a reason of its own.

Fiction & Literature
May 15
David McKay
Smashwords, Inc.

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