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This boxed set contains books 5-7 of the Raise A Glass series. Included titles are Too True To Be Good, Walk Of Fame, and Fake It Till You Break It.

Too True To Be Good

Zach loved his life. He didn't want anything to change. He had everything he wanted, except the new chef trying to steal his job. 

Gianna knew all the bad life had to offer. She'd not only lived it, but she saw it every day. Which was why she was determined to find a permanent home for her newest client. 

The last thing Zach needs is a little girl on his doorstep claiming she's his. The social worker on her heels wasn't any more welcome, but he couldn't turn them away until he knew the full truth. When the truth comes out, they have to decide if it'll keep them together or push them apart. 

Walk Of Fame

Katherine needs to hide, and the best place she can think of is an off the map spot no one would think to look for her. 

Dillon just wanted a night out. But when his one night stand is waiting on his porch the next day, the fear in her eyes has his welcoming her into his home. 

Time is not on their side, but something stronger might be. But her secrets might be too much for him. And when she has to return to her real life, it all could come tumbling down. 

Fake It Till You Break It

Kristen needs an escape, and her usual one isn't working. She decides to give up men and have some fun in other ways. Throwing herself into work seems like a good plan. 

Zane knows getting attached always spells trouble, so he keeps his distance. Especially from a woman who's clearly broken. No matter how amazing he thinks she is. 

It's all work between them, but work is play and the lines are blurred before either of them realize it. They can handle it. Neither is going to get attached. It's just fun.

May 22
BluEyed Press
Mary E Thompson

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