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"I inhaled this sexy, gritty, thrilling new series and I can't wait for more!" — Lara Adrian, NYT Best-selling Author

I'm a cold-blooded killer with no room in my heart for anyone but the brothers I raised on the streets. In the world I've created, there's only one rule:

Don't harm the innocent.

And I'm about to break it. With her.

Abby Roslyn is the daughter of the man I've sworn to destroy. He targeted my family. That makes her the perfect revenge.


Grab the prequel to the exciting new series from author Ella Sheridan!

June 10
Ella Sheridan
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

werethemahons ,

Great Teaser to a FANTASTIC Series!

First of all, I am going to go ahead and address the negative reviews left for this because I think they are unmerited by readers who were misinformed about the book or who failed to read the description. If you read the descriptor, it plainly states that this is a PREQUEL, meaning a small look into the action coming. This book is meant to offer additional insight into the mind of Levi Agozi, who serves largely as an anti-hero in Assassin’s Mark.

This PREQUEL is told entirely from Levi’s perspective and ends where Assassin’s Mark picks up and Abby’s POV takes over. There is no reason to include more. In fact, you could read the series without it and it would all make perfect sense, BUT just like an extended epilogue goes beyond the end, this prequel goes before and prepares the reader for some of Levi’s choices in AM and Assassin’s Prey.

Also, if this book is FREE, how does an author stand to gain anything if this is all a person reads of the series? I am just curious on the thought process of that reviewer. This series is bar none one of the best RS series I have ever read (especially Assassin’s Prey, which almost killed me near the end 😭). I would bet I’d be hard pressed to find someone who actually read the series and didn’t like it. Hard. Pressed. It’s that good 🤘🏻.

Ignore the haters; give this whole series a try. It’s a worthy time and money investment 😘. If you love sassy, strong heroines and snarly, sexy alphaholes who are not all they seem to be, give this series a try 😉. You will be delighted you did! If you want the read more on each of the Assassin books, you can mosey on over time Kali’s Book Reviews and read my in-depth analysis on each of them 🥰

Likarae ,

All over the place without an ending!

The characters were never built up and right about the time it seemed like you might get a storyline it ended.

crtl-freak007 ,


A few things. First there is not enough pages. Second, with these few pages the characters were still underdeveloped, but I guess with this little introduction there wasn’t enough time. Third, because I didn’t get enough of the story I’m not interested in purchasing any further. The story line wasn’t strong to begin with I’m still confused about the flow of things so with the being said don’t waste your time. If your going to make this little intro, make it good, make it juicy, get me hooked and the author didn’t die that. Nor was a proper premise set up. I have a feeling this series will have no substance and is just a way for the author to make money.

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