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The first book in a sexy new rom-com series about a group of gloriously geeky ladies.

Adriana Catalano's own guts hate her—or at least it feels that way. Ever since she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, a chronic inflammatory illness of the digestive tract, she's done her best to keep herself healthy. Unfortunately, that hasn't saved her from the embarrassment of trying to figure out how to explain to a date why having dinner with him results in her spending thirty minutes in the ladies' room.

When the tempting and mysterious Declan Maguire starts coming in to the library where Adriana works, crushing on him seems like a safe indulgence. He has a girlfriend, so there's no need for her to deal with the messy reality of an actual relationship. Plus, how can she possibly resist him? He's everything she could ever want in a guy: ruggedly handsome, kind, funny, charming, and almost as avid a bookworm as she is.

By the time Adriana finds out that Declan is, in fact, available, she's deep under his spell. But is asking him out a good idea? Casual dating isn't her style, so is it fair to ask him to take on the lifelong responsibility of dealing with her illness?

To make matters even more complicated, her condition isn't the only challenge they have to overcome. For months Declan hasn't looked well either, and the closer he and Adriana get, the more he seems to hold himself back. Is their relationship strong enough to survive the obstacles life throws in their path, or will their problems tear them apart?

June 6
Sweenix Rising Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

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