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Hendlin – The Rockstar is a fictional biography based on the lives of the world’s biggest rock stars.

You'll be in the room as a sweet, little girl transforms into the loudest, fiercest voice we’ve ever heard. 

Hendlin is a combination of all of the biggest names in music. Think of Elvis and Sinatra from times gone by and all of the biggest acts in the music industry today. She’s all of them in one, breathing person.

Rock stars are more than the indulgence and the fame and the myths, and even though some of them meet tragic ends, they’ve felt a special electricity long enough that shows there is more to life than we are being led to believe.

Through Hendlin, you'll see how these singers are proving there is something amazing and electric going on around us.

Through Hendlin, all of the bulls--- is stripped away and you can see up-close why they become the voices that echo through time.

This rock star tale begins in a rare exclusive interview.

In the middle of her latest world tour, Hendlin unexpectedly summons her nastiest critic – a distinguished music journalist who would like nothing more than to tear her apart. This critic has been trying to ruin her career for years and now has the unanticipated chance to attack her one-on-one.

And with the first question, she goes for Hendlin’s throat.

Hendlin doesn’t back down.

At the beginning of each chapter, the fiery interview continues. Then we travel back in time to Hendlin’s childhood to see how her single father plays a major role in the critical events and astounding experiences that send her hurtling into stardom.

Over time, through the chaos of his own failing career as a musician, he comes to see that the power that elevates the world’s greatest singers flows through his daughter and so he does everything he possibly can to nurture her once-in-a-generation talent.

Why Hendlin has kept her astonishing childhood a secret until she is cornered by her most vocal critic – and why she allows the interview to continue – booms louder than any of her stadium concerts.

Thirty million people will eventually read ‘The Interview Of The Decade’ and be able to glimpse into a soul that proves there is something amazing and electric going on around us.

If you’re an avid reader, you’ll burn through Hendlin – The Rockstar in an afternoon. If you read one book a year, it’s an easy read – like a movie in words.

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June 9
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