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This book is a first step in leveraging your command of the most mature form of medicine in the world—the simplicity of a timeless wisdom.  Step into the illumination of a paradigm so brilliant that it appears to be the perfect answer to the challenges to health we experience today.  And, in many ways, it is.

Rather than a random collection of isolated theories and scientific studies of minutiae, a mature medical paradigm views the whole of life from a centered, comprehensive, and fully integrated perspective grounded in cause and effect—the warp and weft of our universe.  This perspective is supported, defined, and enlivened by seamlessly interwoven principles of how life works, and how to correct its course when it’s gone astray.

Breakfast Like an Emperor is an introduction to one of these principles.  The more deeply we look, the more evident becomes the reality that each and every principle in the paradigm is irrevocably related to all the others. 

Let me clarify right up front—this book is about a three part principle: 

Breakfast like an emperor,

Lunch like a prince,

And dinner like a pauper.

Just because Breakfast Like an Emperor is the title of the book, doesn’t suggest that’s all there is. But, knowing the human mind, I know that’s exactly what it will assume. And that is a setup for failure.

This principle works only when all three are fully understood and share equal importance—both in comprehension and practice. Slack off on any one of these, and the principle begins to collapse. I say this, too, because our work and life styles encourage us to dismiss, not just one, but all three of them. They, too, will do their best to undermine our good intentions by forgetting or ignoring one or more portions of the principle.

Try to keep this at the tip of awareness as we delve into one of the Orient’s best kept secrets. If we can do that from the beginning, we find ourselves on an amazingly rewarding journey, spreading endlessly before us.

Health, Mind & Body
June 21
Ancient Wisdom Series
Larry Horton

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A equip ,

Elegant and spirited

An engaging and beautiful book, encouraging a better attitude toward breakfast, with good suggestions. You also get an overview of the traditional Chinese medicine behind this humane and generous approach to making your own meals, and enjoying good health.