If Mirrors Could Talk

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An overheard conversation between her husband Charles and his beautiful business cohort tumbles Tennille DeBeau’s world into heartbreak and confusion. She realizes the unfortunate truth that her three young children will grow up in a divorced and broken home, and that she will have to fill the void her husband should have filled. She also realizes she cannot stay in Denver and endure her soon-to-be ex-husband and his soon-to-be new wife as they parade in and out of her life.

With scarcely a backward glance, she leaves for Elmwood, the dream home of her childhood that is nestled on the South Dakota prairie near her ranching family. Expecting life to settle into a comfortable routine, she instead becomes entangled in the lures of an old enemy. He hates her dog and she hates the cat he brought as a peace offering. Despite her repeated insistence that she wants nothing to do with him, Kane Kerro is determined to be in her life.

Meanwhile, back in Denver, Tennille’s colorful friend, relative, and staunch supporter, Meredith Dixon, keeps her updated on the DeBeau & DeBeau family business. Meredith also pays a visit to Elmwood and meets Kane. She takes her impressions of Tennille’s country life back to Denver and delightfully reports (and misreports) her opinions to Charles DeBeau and the woman of his dreams, Suzanna Parker.

A crisis is brewing in the Denver office, and an equally disturbing matter is bubbling at Elmwood. A long lost friend suddenly appears, the loveable but homely mutt dog that Tennille and her children love disappears, and Tennille’s continuing nightmares of a circling wolf seem to indicate that evil is near and about to strike.

The DeBeau children add their own chaos to the mix, and it becomes evident to the country neighbors that likeable Doc Wilson has a special place in his heart for three little kids growing up without their dad. Fishing trips, church affairs, and cattle work keep Doc, the kids, the ever present Thin Dog, and Tennille in close contact. And if that weren’t enough, Charles DeBeau makes an impromptu visit to Elmwood that quickly turns into a disaster.

During all the ups and downs in her life, Tennille maintains a lively conversation with her reflection in the mirror. Her honesty and humor about her situation and her emotions will resonate with everyone who has loved and lost. She discovers peace of mind in the ancient words of the Bible, but wonders if she can ever become the woman God intends her to be, especially when the woman in the mirror reminds her of her glaring misdeeds concerning her husband. She tries, she really does. Even when she imagines that he kidnapped her children, even when they argue and she hits him, even when she wants to lock him out of her house, Tennille DeBeau reflects her willingness to pursue the higher ground of Christian maturity.

If Mirrors Could Talk is an easy read complete with humor, loveable kids, and tender moments. Suspense and the edge of mystery keep it a page turner. Why did Tennille’s best friend disappear for so many years?

Fiction & Literature
June 9
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