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The world he knows and loves is gone…

Lincoln Atwood survived the contagion that wiped out the nine tenths of humanity. As the last survivor in a secret government bunker and a Delta Force soldier, he knows that the other survivors are scared, angry and dangerous, just like him. After weeks alone with the mummified bodies of his colleagues, he escapes the bunker. But the world outside has changed. Among the empty cities and crumbling ruins of civilization, he loses himself to the wilderness in his soul.  When he sees Caroline, a fellow survivor,  she is vision of light in a world gone dark. He wants to help her, but she won't trust him, when there's danger around every corner. How can he convince her that fate has brought them together?

She will not go quietly into the night…

Caroline Kelly survived hell when she escaped quarantined Chicago in search of her family after the outbreak. But it's not as easy to travel from Illinois to Missouri with the world gone dark in the space of three months. The last she thing she needs is to get captured by a muscled, bearded mountain man who looks and acts like a damn super soldier. When it’s clear she can’t escape him, she finds herself becoming fascinated with the brooding, intense man who knows how to survive. He makes her heart race and blood pound. When tragedy strikes, Caroline realizes she might have a plan to save the world, but she’ll need Lincoln’s help. Can she trust Lincoln not only with humanity’s future, but also her heart?

June 23
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith

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Margo6991 ,


Best book I’ve read in a while! I was on my toes the whole time I read this story! So relatable and great plot!

a judge of excellent books ,

Buckle Up for a Wild Ride on a Reader’s Roller Coaster

Reading A Wilderness Within was at once gripping, terrifying, enlighting, compelling, and reassuring. It took me on an emotional roller coaster with twists and turns in the story line that I could not anticipate. I was moved from chills to tears to smiles and back again. This author has astonishing knowledge about bio warfare and the potential effect on the human body. The inept technical and medical response of the national health community to a very plausible bio warfare attack is realistic and causes the reader great fear. At the same time, the author connects the reader with hope, love, and compassion. A Wilderness Within is a thrilling read about one of the most under-recognized, yet profoundly devastating forces shaping our world today. This should be required reading in every University, every boardroom and every courthouse in the United States. Once a reader begins A Wilderness Within, they will be unable to stop until they reach the shocking conclusion. Buckle up. You are in for a wild ride.

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