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An invitation to Cupid's Café will change your life.

Agatha Kakos is one brownie bite away from losing her dinner when an invitation to Cupid's Café shows up on her doorstep. Fighting bulimia and her mother's constant verbal abuse has never been easy. An offer to meet a secret admirer is more a morale booster, if anything.

Following a break-in and the destruction of his paintings, starving artist Murphy O'Shea finds himself at wits end. Not only does he need to prepare ten more paintings, but in the midst of another manic/depressive episode, the challenge seems impossible. He's got two months or he'll have to cancel his first show. The Cupid's Café invite offers him a chance to find his muse. He doesn't expect it to be the woman he's mirrored every previous painting on, nor does he plan on being able to offer Aggie the help she needs.

Aggie finds saving grace by renting an apartment from Murph in exchange for posing for paintings. She's fully invested in the man, his art, and exploring the sexual attraction between them. But Murph sees Aggie as his savior, the only one keeping his disorder from becoming worse. When both are faced with their worst fears, the only solution is for them to be apart. It's going to take them saving themselves before a future together is possible. Can they find a way to conquer their inner demons or will they succumb to the idea they aren't worth a happily ever after?

Welcome to Cupid's Café, a place where missed connections meet. How the invitations find them, no one knows…except for the mysterious owner, Mr. Heart.

This multi-author series focuses on protagonists struggling with real-life issues that often get swept under the rug. With Cupid's Café, these issues find representation in the characters struggling to conquer their own problems while trying to carve a future for themselves.

From cops to artists, or social workers to photographers, Mr. Heart ensures these lost souls who believe themselves undeserving of love reconnect with their fated match.

Each couple embarks on their journey at Cupid's Cafe, but the rest is up to them: whether damage wins or they find true love in the end.


Painting for Keeps (Cupid's Cafe #1) by Landra Graf

Exactly Like You (Cupid's Cafe #2) by Lori Sizemore

Captured Memories (Cupid's Cafe #3) by Katherine McIntyre

True Colors (Cupid's Cafe #4) by Landra Graf

September 10
Inkspell Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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