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Welcome to Eden. The men here are strong in mind, body, and heart. They will love you unconditionally, protect you with their lives, and seek to please you. Be patient with them. No matter how it appears, they are not perfect.

Cruise into Eden via an Earthly nude cruise as Erin meets the two Edenists who've been watching her for years, hoping she'll be their beloved despite them having been exiled from the gold and white city of Naralina. You'll learn all you need to know to enter the planet Eden where only males are born, each with his own paranormal "kindred" ability, clothing is nonexistent, and their goal in life is to cherish their women.

Don't be surprised to find an Unexpected Eden as you are whisked away in the nick of time with Serena as three handsome, naked hunks save her and her friend from certain death on Earth. But not everyone escapes unscathed, and the ramifications, despite living in the beautiful trees of Loraleaf, are far-reaching.

When you join Jaelene as she follows her sister through what can only be described as a portal, you'll find yourself lost in this Eden Discovered. Luckily, one naked Edenist saves Jaelene from another with bad intentions. But one Edenist is never enough on planet Eden…as you'll soon discover.

July 17
Lexi Post
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Wish2BeCharmed ,

Beam me up to Eden!

Cruise into Eden

“Her life had made an incredible turn for the perfect, all thanks to a simple poem and a geeky interest in other worlds. She must have done something right.”

When the story opens up with the line “What had she been thinking to come on a nude cruise?”, you know it’s going to be good! I’m a big sci-fi geek, and absolutely devoured this book! Beam me up to Eden, Scotty!

Erin has been everyone’s patsy, and is so lonely for someone to want her for her and not what she can do for them. Her so called friend ropes her into going on a cruise with him and it is there she meets Nassic and Wareson. These two smexy men show Erin what it is like to be cherished and loved…but can they convince her that their bond is strong enough for her to leave with them and return to their planet of Eden.

This sci-fi romance is beyond hawt! I could not stop reading and highly recommend!!!

Unexpected Eden

Imagine if you will a paradise of hawt men…hawt naked men…who devote themselves to caring for their beloved Chosen One. In Unexpected Eden, Lexi Post creates a world where this is the norm, and you, dear reader, will desperately be looking for a way to open a portal to Eden. This is the second book in the series, but can be read as a standalone, but to get the full experience, you should really read them both.

Serena and Toni are the very best of friends. Working on a movie set, they find themselves attacked and their lives are in mortal danger. In steps three hotties that save and transport them to their planet Eden. Jahl, Khaos and Sandale are closer than brothers and have been watching over Serena, their beloved, for years waiting for the perfect time to bond with her. Grave circumstances cause them to portal to Earth to save her and her best friend, Toni. No spoilers, so you will have to read for yourself to see if they find a way to tempt Serena to bond with them and stay in Eden, or will all be lost to them if she refuses their love and devotion and returns to Earth.

I loved this story!! Highly recommend this series!!

Eden Discovered

“I feel as though my soul is healing beneath your touch.”

Eden Discovered is the 3rd installment in Lexi Posts’ Eden Series. You can read them as stand alone, but why miss out on the other two? I’d recommend reading them all in order. What’s not to like? A beautiful world without sickness or disease filled with hawt naked men wanting nothing more than to find their beloved and cherish her for always. Are you ready to open the portal to Eden?

Jaelene has had a love for animals her entire life, and when she follows a cute little critter through an opening, she has no idea that she has traveled to the planet Eden….and especially a planet filled with very hawt and very naked men.

Theron, Konala, and Rekah have been the very best of friends since they were 10 years old, and have become what they consider “brothers of their heart”. A betrayal between them occurs, and a rift that threatens to break up their family is formed.

Will the love of their Chosen One, Jaelene, be enough to overcome the past, or will the men be forced to make a choice of their own.

I can not recommend this series enough! I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!!

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