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"Unapologetically raw and deliciously filthy, Shepherd & Claire's dark, gritty story is an emotional punch to the gut!" - Anna Zaires, New York Times bestselling author

Every bit as ruthless as his reputation suggests…

Shepherd ravages both Claire and her conquered city, refusing to let either slip through his fingers.

He steals Claire's innocence and future by forcing a pair-bond on the rare, unwilling Omega female.

Violent, calculating, and incapable of remorse, he demands his new mate's adoration. Her attention. Her body.

Publisher's Note: The first book in Addison Cain's exciting, raw, and suspense-filled Omegaverse series is a Dark Romance featuring complete power exchange. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

Fiction & Literature
June 30
Addison Cain
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

L. Swan ,

Appallingly Captive Read

This book is so atrocious but so craftily written its unbelievable. This book is violent and is basically about sex slavery, sex trafficking and subjugation in a most horrific way. Set is a dystopian time where people have to live under domes because the atmosphere is dangerous, Tholos has been captured by vile usurpers who destroy everything around them making their own world order of chaos. Alpha’s run rampant, along with murder and rape, Omega’s are prized yet mistreated horribly, so most have gone into hiding so their lives may still be their’s to control and own.
Claire is so sweet, strong and courageous. Sacrificing her safety for the group of starving and dying Omega’s take’s precautions to enter the Alpha’s den and plead for help with the ordeal going horribly wrong and instantly being captured by the very Alpha who started the chaos. Forced into subjugation Claire fights for herself, to not lose who she is to a genetic bond forced upon her trying to convince her how right her situation is. With unwavering determination as she seeks and demands her freedom while ultimately taking what she deserves.
Shepherd is an abhorred, unredeemable character. His backwater ways of thinking is appalling and his treatment of Claire is heartbreaking and emotionally abusive. A strong dominate Alpha male he is though he lacks the care and humanity to truly be anything other a disturbingly disgusting dictator.
The romance between the main characters is forced yet worded to sound so natural, the connection is strong and fierce between them and almost sounding welcomed when it’s utterly destroyed upon a grievous betrayal leaving broken shattered pieces of the main heroine.
The supporting characters were sparse but left an impression, wether it was supporting to help aid or hinder and betray.

straighttalker198 ,


This was for sure abuse!! There is a big fat line between safe boundaries and abuse. This book crossed the line!

CrissyWolf ,


This book is one of the most wild and perverted books I’ve ever read. That being said, I already read the rest of the unfinished series and am starting another series by this author. She writes wonderfully compelling characters and makes the books hard to predict.

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