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Oliver was a very minor mage. His familiar reminded him of this several times a day.

He only knew three spells, and one of them was to control his allergy to armadillo dander. His attempts to summon elementals resulted in nosebleeds, and there is nothing more embarrassing than having your elemental leave the circle to get you a tissue, pat you comfortingly, and then disappear in a puff of magic. The armadillo had about wet himself laughing.

He was a very minor mage. Unfortunately, he was all they had.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 30
T. Kingfisher
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Prairie_Dog ,

A Young Mage and his Snarky Armadillo go on a Quest

T. Kingfisher is the pen name Ursula Vernon uses for her adult works. She is unsure if “Minor Mage” is YA or adult, but her editors assure her it is an adult work.

It deals with Oliver, a very young Mage, who only knows three spells. He is sent by his village on a quest to obtain rain. At his side is his loyal but sarcastic armadillo familiar. They undertake a long and difficult journey to the distant mountains. They will encounter monsters and monstrous people, but will also find help in unexpected forms.

This novella is funny and uplifting, but it also has it’s dark moments. It’s protagonist is optimistic and humble, and his story is a tale worth enjoying.

Archangel Beth ,

Maybe for older kids as well as grown-ups

This is a great story of getting from here to there. There are some scary bits! There are a few gruesome bits which are arguably kind of ew. (On the other hand, if you'd let your kid watch horror like Poltergeist or the Thing, it's not worse. Read and assess your kid's tolerance for monsters & bone harps.)

As I am now a grown-up (albeit one who was traumatized by Poltergeist when I was too young for it (it was NOT "a funny movie" as I was promised!)), this is definitely a good book about persevering, evading monsters, making friends, & a few flashbacks to armadillo pee.

frithard ,


As ever, a T. Kingfisher book is a joy. Wonderful story, funny and occasionally creepy, and now I want a sarcastic armadillo of my own.

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