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In the Spirit of Homer, in the Style of Shakespeare… Angels Battle, and Prophets Duel
(Also available in the author's audiobook narration)

Beneath the Juniper of fragrant breath,
Its scant shade meager comfort to distress,
A long-locked man collapses, prays for death,
Succumbs to anguish words cannot express,
All hope abandoned in the wilderness.
"It is enough now, Lord, I can no more!"
And lays his head upon the desert floor.
"Now take my life!" he whispers as he peers
Up to the leaves whose flittering shadows play
Across his sun-seared countenance. His fears
Somehow to sleep surrender in dismay.
At times, God will a man of faith assay,
And so provoked will this one protest much,
Yet wakes he now unto an angel's touch...
Hailed as "an exemplar of epic poetry" (San Francisco Review of Books), LeRoy dreams up otherworldly realms where angels battle, mythical creatures awake, and God speaks as rushing waters.
In the central work of this collection, Elijah, he reimagines the miraculous life of the great Old-Testament prophet, then gives voice to Elijah's main antagonist, Queen Jezebel, in Jezebel's Lament. Descriptions of the three books follow:
1. Obama's Dream
Obama's dreams are troubled, for he is about to hand over imperial power to one Donald J. Trump. But two great angels enter on a divine mission to save his soul, and with it, all of humanity. A journey of revelation follows, even to the throne of God.
Does Obama heed Heaven's message? You decide!
“This is the fourth book by LeRoy that I’ve reviewed, and hands down, uncontested, it is far and away the most hilarious… immensely entertaining, well researched, creative, thought-out, and delivered."
William Mortensen Vaughan
2. Elijah
Israel. 9th-century BC. Jezebel has killed the true prophets of the Lord, and Elijah must flee her wrath.
But he is not alone. Embraced by a shapeshifting goddess, counseled by a great angel, he is empowered to call down fire from Heaven!
In this epic poem, LeRoy relives the spectacular miracles of the great prophet as described in the Old Testament—raising the dead, commanding the rain, calling down fire from Heaven—while weaving in mythological elements of his own.
Saucy yet sacred, revelation takes wing in the poet's pen, the poet's voice!
“Fun, interesting, and entertaining, with elements of a heroic quest, pure fantasy, and sexy romance.”
Karen Siddall
“The telling was riveting, and you don’t need to know the story ahead of time to be moved by it.”
Kit Donner
3. Jezebel's Lament
Jezebel. Yes, that Jezebel. The queen whose name for millennia has stood for female wickedness. Killer of innocents. Seducer of priests. And the Old Testament's greatest supervillain!
Not so fast, says Jezebel herself…
That I might rise from infamy to fame,
I've told the teller of Elijah's tale—
That vile prophet, how I hate the name—
My own story to balance the portrayal!
Not "harlot queen", she insists, but "virgin bride", not murderer but moderate, and certainly not the bad guy in her struggle with the prophet Elijah, that "unkempt fire-and-brimstone hairy hermit", and his successor Elisha.
This royal rant will transport you to one of the Bible's greatest showdowns, and into the mind of a fearsome antagonist.
“An epic tale, Biblically based, but with considerable writer’s freedom that makes the book wholly entertaining.”
San Francisco Review of Books

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August 23
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