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The second novel in the three-part Angel Fable arc.

Caius is gone, captured by the Blue Binds and taken to the secretive citadel of Casglade. Jane and her friends will stop at nothing to rescue him from that prison where no one has ever escaped and where only rumors can tell them about what lies behind the stone walls of that fortress.

Love and persistence won’t let Jane shy away from the unknown, and so they travel to the Blakishain Forest wherein lies the citadel. The companions find themselves confronted with dark secrets of suspicion, paranoia, and a terrible curse on all the inmates that brings Jane to doubt their journey. Hope, however, lingers on and as they fall deeper into the mysteries that pervade the prison they learn of their true enemy and the reason for their coming to the fortress.

Unfortunately, getting inside was the easy part. Escaping will test the strength of their bonds as they confront the source of the evil that surrounds the citadel.

September 24
Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.
Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.

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