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It only took four years for the world to fall apart.

Now the last member of my family has died, and I'm forced to travel across what's left of three states to find the only people I know left alive.  To survive, I'll have to salvage food and supplies and try to avoid violent men who've learned they can take what they want by force. The only way I'm going to make it is by trusting Travis.

Travis used to fix my car, and now he's all I have left in the world. He's gruff and stoic and unfriendly, and I don't really know or like him. But he's all I have left. He'll keep me safe. We'll take care of each other. Until we reach what's left of our town and can finally let go of one another.

Last Light is a standalone post-apocalyptic romance set in the near future after a global catastrophe.

November 13
Claire Kent
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

HLG33 ,

Uniquely Intimate

I’ve not read any of Noelle Adams’ books under that name, but this is the second I’ve read from her Claire Kent pen name - they share a sense of intimacy around the primary characters that I am accustomed to seeing only in books with flat or under shaped secondary characters. The story, too, focuses solely on the couple (h/H) from her perspective, without other viewpoints. Generally if I was writing a review with those details I would probably be complaining - but Kent/Adams reveals her story with pacing and appropriate emotion from two people you genuinely want to see made happy in their ever after. Adult themes included without the type of sentiments that nag or irritate or cut into the romance in such a way as to stain it beyond enjoyment. Overall the tight focus creates a relatively short but ultimately gratifying story. Brava to the author and happy reading to her lucky patrons.

~Mindy Lou~ ,


When I'm looking for something different from the usual romance story, this is what I love to read. The best way to describe this would be to think of the tv series The Walking Dead but without the zombies and instead of following a group of people, this only follows one couples journey across the United States trying to stay safe in a very unsafe world.

This isn't your typical "disease ravages the world" kind of apocalyptic story. In fact, this is something that could truly happen in real life. It's pretty scary to think about and that's exactly what I kept thinking as I read this book. What would I do? How would my family and I survive under these circumstances? It made for a connection to a story that should seem pretty far fetched. I was on the edge the whole way through waiting for anything to happen. It made the ending to this book mean so much more.

You would think it would be hard for a book to have such a good romance when the main focus is survival but no only did the author succeed, she created one of the sexiest slow building romances. If you need steam in your books, let me just tell you there were some pretty sexy scenes. The romance is not lacking in this book.

I really liked the main couple. Travis pulled off the strong, protective alpha while still showing a vulnerable side to him through Layne. Layne is a heroine I can get behind. She's young, only 20 years old and she is braver than most. She was smart and practical. You do not see any immaturity in this girl. She had to grow up and grow up fast. As a couple, these two fit perfectly when they never would have even looked twice at each other before the world fell.

This was a creative story that made for very enjoyable read, especially if you are looking for something different. I highly recommend it!

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