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USA Today bestselling, gripping and heart-wrenching romantic suspense.  

I get why Beauty fell in love with the Beast, but it doesn’t change who Carter is.  There’s no magical rose or kiss that will turn him into a prince.  

All Carter Cross will ever be is a beast.  A cold-hearted and ruthless, mafia king, trapped in a castle of his own making

I’m the daughter of his enemy and his new possession.  A mafia bargain for war.  

I thought that’s all I was to him, but I was never prepared for for the next page of our story…  

“Dark, sexy and incredibly masterful, Carter and Aria's story had me riveted from beginning to end…” - Nightbird Novels

All He’ll Ever Be is the complete collection of the USA Today bestselling, Merciless series.  It’s a dark, modern retelling of a tale as old as time.

September 21
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

jenhr ,


This was absolutely amazing! W. Winters is now one of my favorite authors and I’m starting Jase’s story asap. This story has everything you could want in a book but holy moly waayyy more!

Tiggy/Cookie ,

All He’ll Ever Be

Reviewers called this a dark romance and rated it five stars. I can’t do that. This is a violent, degrading to women, book that I couldn’t make it even halfway through.

Szmoromou ,

One Crazy Love

Get ready for a wild ride with Carter and Aria in All He'll Ever Be. Willow Winters brings to life two amazing characters that grow to love one another in a very unconditional way. Carter has set his eyes on Aria, the daughter of one of his enemies and nothing will stop him from making her HIS. Kidnapped and held against her will, Aria's strong will and defiance only lasts so long. Although she hates Carter with every breath she takes, he slowly breaks her will and Aria starts to crave Carter. Oddly, she feels safe in his presence and seeks it. Carter knows he needs to break Aria's will to rebuild her. She is his kryptonite, but he can't let her see his tenderness and weakness for her. She will willingly submit to him, he just has to wait patiently. Everything he does is planned and well thought out and eventually Aria starts to trust Carter and falls head over heals for him. You'll enjoy reading Carter and Aria's story and what started as a nightmare became so much more.
Willow Winters is masterful with her words, making every scene jump out and consume you. Every character is well thought out with so much depth. Their interactions among each other verbally and nonverbally helps pave the story and the effect they have on each other. Aria and Carter's relationship is thrilling, unpredictable, toxic, lonely, consuming, but it also has the pureness of two broken individuals who in their own way want to save the other. I have come to really, really love Carter and how much he LOVES Aria. Well done Willow Winters, well done!

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