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The Executioner Knights are back Alexander de Sherrington seeks to marry a daughter of the great Christopher de Lohr (Rise of the Defender). But not if King John has anything to say about it...

Alexander de Sherrington, the man affectionately referred to as 'Sherry' by his friends, is off on the greatest adventure of his life… and his target is Lady Christin de Lohr.

It's a time of increasing hostilities between William Marshal's allies and King John. Alexander is now serving Christopher de Lohr and de Lohr, once the champion for Richard the Lionheart, is a long-time target of King John's hatred.

And Lady Christin is the key to her father's submission.

Lovely and vivacious, Christin is as head-strong as her mother but born with her father's innate sense of politics. She fostered in the finest homes and proved herself to be smart, intuitive, and calm under pressure. Unbeknownst to her father, William Marshal recruited Christin into his network of spies and even as she serves a de Lohr ally, the House of de Winter, as a lady in waiting for Lady de Winter, she completes missions at the Marshal's directive.

One such mission comes to bear at a great gathering of warlords. Christin's mission is to gain information from a certain baron, but in the process, she accidentally crosses paths with Alexander. Intrigued with the beautiful new spy, Alexander protects her from certain death, only to have her father believe that Alexander himself was the cause of her problems.

That puts Christopher and Alexander at odds, which King John uses to his advantage. The king plots to marry Christin to his own bastard son to undermine Christopher's power and Alexander is the only one who can stop the marriage before it's too late.

… but will Christopher trust him enough to let him?

John Alexander and Christin, Christopher and Dustin, and the rest of the Marshal and de Lohr allies in this epic adventure of intrigue and romance that pushes the bonds of trust between allies.  It's Medieval Mayhem in 13th Century England!

(Note: this novel will be in excess of 300 pages)

January 30
Kathryn Le Veque
Draft2Digital, LLC

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