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In a Deviant Future, the world has been reshaped. Humanity has been changed. Yet despite it all, one thing does survive—love. (A dystopian romance for ADULTS.)

A devastating injury takes Titan’s arm and leg, but a chance encounter with a woman in the Wasteland sees them replaced with a bionic set. These are no simple metal limbs. His body speaks with him. The alien presence forces a bond that he struggles to accept. Changes him in ways he doesn’t understand, making him fear he’s losing sight of himself.

Riella has been looking for acceptance her whole life. However, certain skills make her not only valuable but hunted. If she were to fall into the wrong hands, or suddenly decide to fight back…she might hold the key to bringing down the Emerald Queen once and for all.

If they prevail, can a metal heart learn to love?

June 30
Eve Langlais
Eve Langlais

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Twisted Metal Hearts by Eve Langlais

Twisted Metal Heart by Eve Langlais

3rd book ofThe Deviant Series. Post-apocalyptic science fiction romantic suspense. Can be read as a stand-alone but better read as part of the series.

Riella is a strong and independent Deviant female. She has been running from the Emerald Queen and enslavement for the past ten years. When Titan winds up on her doorstep being attacked by tigber, Riella takes a gamble and lets him into her shelter and into her life.

I’m enjoying reading this strange future earth. In this book we visit a bit of the landscape and characters from the second book and meet a pirate while the heroine and hero meet, have an encounter and then go separately in vaguely the same direction. Through no fault of theirs, they spend quite a bit of time thinking about or searching for the other but not actually together.
It’s a romance, so that’s guaranteed, but there is also a bit of a twist at the end that I didn’t expect. I can’t say more without spoilers, so will just say that I look forward to the next couple of books in the series.

The artificial intelligence and antics of Alfred is humorous.
Easy and fast read.

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