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From retellings of classic fairy tales to legends and lore told around the hearth, this collection presents stories of wonder and fantasy—some straight up and others with a twist.


Children’s tales from Serbia and Russia feature water spirits and household sprites, knight princes and giants, whirlwinds and the Golden Horde.


An unusual visit to Wonderland follows Alice as she encounters the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and Humpty Dumpty under horror’s shadow. The secrets of a most infamous castle, Burg Frankenstein, deliver up ghosts.


While a trio of sexy gender-swap tales yield Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast with spice.


Romeo and Juliet—and vampires, the Three Little Pigs as you’ve never seen them, Cinderella embracing witchcraft...these are the Might Have Been, folklore, granny tales, and fairy tales turned upside down or glimpsed darkly in the mirror.

Table of Contents

1. "Fairy Tale Fates" by Leah Cutter

2. "The Charming Trilogy Vol. 1" by Kristine Grayson

3. "The Legends of Castle Frankenstein" by DeAnna Knippling

4. "Snow Truer Love" by AJ Tipton

5. "Brick Houses (Uncollected Anthology: Fairy Tales)" by Annie Reed

6. "The Return of Alice" by Robert Jeschonek

7. "Into the Forest Shadows" by J.A. Marlow

8. "Handsome and the Beast" by AJ Tipton

9. "THE RUSSIAN STORY BOOK - 12 Illustrated Children's Stories from Mother Russia" by Richard Wilson

10. "Tales of Old Giralliya" by J.M. Ney-Grimm

11. "R+J Sucks, vol 1" by Ann Hunter

12. "Hunting Red" by AJ Tipton

13. "Lost: Cinderella's Secret Witch Diaries (Book 1)" by Ron Vitale

14. "Return to Wonderland" by Tanya Lisle

15. "Fairy Tales Revisited on Silvery Earth" by Barbara G.Tarn

16. "Redd's Hoodie" by Karen C. Klein

17. "HERO TALES AND LEGENDS OF THE SERBIANS - over 80 Serbian tales and legends" by Woislav M. Petrovitch


*Not all stories suitable for kids.

Fiction & Literature
November 6
Kydala Publishing, Inc.
Charles Heintzelman

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