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Are you ready to continue laughing?

The Man Card Series is a fun collection of steamy romantic comedy short stories that are perfect when waiting for an appointment or great way to end a long day. 

Let’s take a trip to Appleton Farm for this collection. Have fun meeting the sexy farmers in the next five books in the series. 

My Apple Farmer Book Eight: My sister’s best friend is back in town and working on the farm. It shouldn’t mean a thing, I’ve known her for years.

Then she flashed her heart-stopping smile and I knew I was screwed.

I thought my feelings for her were one-sided, until the night she proved me wrong.

Now’s my chance to get what I’ve always wanted. Her.

Mr. Apple Pie Book Nine: If Hannah thinks she can step into my kitchen and tell me how things should be run, she has another thing coming.

My family started this farm over a hundred years ago. She’s only been working here for six months. Who does she think she is trying to tell me how to prepare a recipe?

Then she whipped up the perfect fried apple pie filling…

Her Apple Delight Book Ten: I loved everything about him. Then he left and it broke my heart.

When I saw his truck pull-up next to the barn, I wanted to run far away, but something about him always pulled me back in. 

He’s everything I told myself I couldn’t have…

…but rules were made to be broken and I planned to break mine.

The Apple of My Eye Book Eleven: When I met Gracie, I knew we would be together forever. She was the only woman who understood me and loved the same things I did. It was just meant to be…

…until the moment I found out who her father was.

How was it possible I fell for the one person I was forbidden to love?

Her father won’t be able to keep us apart because my craving for her is undeniable.

My Candy Apple Book Twelve: My ideal woman loves to walk in the rain, enjoys breakfast in bed, and begs for gourmet desserts every single night.

Then she leapt into my arms with those piercing blue eyes. Mia’s everything I didn’t want. She doesn’t like to get wet, skips breakfast, and hates dessert.

but maybe the very woman I tried to avoid was what I needed all along.

Have fun devouring the next five books in the series…You're guaranteed that perfect happy ending and a cupboard full of sweets from all the apple cravings.

November 8
Balto Creative Media, LLC
Balto Creative Media, LLC
Grades 12 and Above

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