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After a warm, clear morning, the weather started to go bad.

The sky was still vague, after all, not so characteristic of the dry season in the tropics - where the sun looks like a bubble of white shining so close that it can reach by hand. A dull blue was rolling over the clearing, and distant hooting of thunder blew air.

Sitting in front of his hut, Gvana watched the paler sun. It did not hurt his small, as if dim, eyes, barely separating himself from the gray-blue armor plates, which tightly covered the triangular, seemingly non-permanent head. He knew that the good months had come to an end, when his vitilineous body had fresh radiant food every day. The bad weather started. May he at least for a short time want to see the clouds of the sky from the clouds, when it flows over the clearing around midday, not covered by trees!

Gvana waved his broad, fleshy tail, as if he wanted to shake off the dust and the intrusive insects, and whatever else hindered him from absorbing the luminous food while he was still sipping from the sky.

 At the sight of the three little chocolate-brown people stopped their work, staring reverently at their patron. - Maybe he has a wish - Immediately, they returned to sealing the hut. They even went inside it (which they did rarely and with some dread) to make sure that the light did not peep through several layers of mongongo leaves woven from large leaves. There will be rains, but no drop of water dares to penetrate. Taboo!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 12
Royal Hawaiian Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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