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Alexander “Sandy” Bord, a young psychiatrist, and his wife Jen, a new psychologist, have worked hard to reach this completion point in training in their careers, and to find each other. They both work hard, and they are determined to play equally as hard, in their off time. They explore their many interests, one of which includes traveling to their vacation home in Nova Scotia, exploring the sights, and boating when they can.

During these visits they learn of the legend of an apparently natural phenomena, which allows the temporary formation of a pathway through time, which reportedly works only one way. This pathway, found only on a particular rock, has allowed those from ships that crashed and sank on the craggy rocks of Southern Nova Scotia, to survive and to find themselves in the same location, about a year prior to the sinking itself. The couple is surprised to read that there is fairly good documentation of such events, as far back as two hundred years. Although Sandy and Jen have knowledge of this legend, both of the young parents are steeped in, and deeply invested in the realities of our world in the present day. They are determined to live rewarding lives which comprise of providing excellent care for their patients, raising happy and healthy children, and carving out time they can happily spend together.

Then, while at home in Kentucky, they suddenly experience possibly the only occurrence that leads them to consider their own attempt at a jump in time. Will they remain steeped in the sanity and ordered thinking of their careers, or will they make a leap of faith long enough to take the chance that may allow them to regain the happy family life they once knew? Can they prevent the sudden and unforeseen death of their son? First, Jen will have to figure out how how this pathway to the past is activated.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 10
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