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"With her signature blend of raw primal passion and emotion, Addison Cain brings us a hot read guaranteed to warm up anyone's winter night!" –Zoe Blake, USA TODAY bestselling author

Blizzards, smoldering attraction, a strong, independent woman, and a virgin male who's more animal than man...

I pulled my stranger from the river. Breathed life into his lungs.

I saved him in this arctic tundra. Yet he looks at me like a meal. Touches me like I'm his greatest temptation.

Tells me he desires my body to use in a way I've never offered myself before.

Storm raging outside my cabin, there is little to do to escape him. Little chance I might survive this encounter unscathed.

He wants life. My life. And I have no choice but to offer it.

And I don't harbor a single regret.

A Night by my Fire is a stand-alone novella previous published in a no longer available anthology. This story contains no cliffhangers, but does offer building heat that will burn you from the inside out. Need to warm up in front of a fire? Wrap yourself in a soft blanket and enjoy!

December 9
Addison Cain
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kasey.Marie ,

Spend A Night by MY Fire

Having read everything by Addison Cain I was super thrilled to see that she was re-releasing her very first story I had not gotten my hands on yet. I was not disappointed.

A Night by my Fire starts off as a complete gender switch that we don’t normally see in romance novels. A woman finds a helpless man on the verge of death in the lake and reluctantly takes him back to her secluded house and nurses him back to health.

What I loved about the story was it wasn’t an instant romance. It takes a lot for the two characters to get along at the beginning and finally concluding with a hot steamy night by the fire.

Definitely worth a quick read. The ending left me speechless.

Brandisch ,

Unique story

This book was different than any I have read before with the gruff heroine and hesitant hero, but it was also confusing. It is a little hard to tell the internal dialogues apart and it got a bit confusing. One minute they are griping and throwing threats, and the next he wants her simply because he’s never had a woman before. There doesn’t seem to be any emotion in it, and it ends very abruptly.
I’ve read most of this author’s books, and I would have to put this one at the bottom of the list. Her other works far surpasses this one.

Twisty_Corner ,

Short and Spicy

This book like all books Addison Cain writes is awesomely creative. How many of us have read the trope where the anti-hero falls into the lap of the heroine forcing her to take care of the manly man while injured? She put her own spin on it like she does everything else and it came out awesome! This is a shorter novel so not technically a full novel. That said as exasperatingly usual she leaves us wanting more. More resolution, more contact (wink, wink) and more story.

The heroine is straight from one of those Alaskan bush reality TV shows. She independent, strong and wily. The "hero" is a straight up conscienceless killer. Like usual. But also, like usual, she makes you ache inexplicably for the journey that got them there.

The heroine at one point said that this wasn't a fairy tale with some happy ending and I guess I suppose it isn't. With more of HEAFN than anything. That said I do hope we see them crash together again.

Knocked it out of the park like usual Ms. Cain.

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