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Colegio Washington has been an ADS since 2017 it has definitely redefined the concept of teaching and learning by integrating Apple technology as our main tool in our school. The use of Technology as part of human life gave a new meaning to the learning process and the way teachers should teach. Including these amazing tools in our everyday classes make students want to learn, to participate, to collaborate and most importantly to create. 

Apple has made it possible for us to continue growing and learning. Although it hasn’t been an easy path, constant training has been part of our process and has given us more and more skills to know that it is possible to make real changes in our learning environments. We feel more confident, definitely more creative and are always eager to do more. We are amazed to see our students abilities when you give them the right tools and the freedom to create while they learn.

So what does it really mean for us to be an ADS, we would have to say innovation and commitment. We are part of this transformation, and still have a long way to go. Learning is not exclusive for students, we as teachers must be eager to continue this never ending process in order to provide the best learning environments for our children. Being part of such a huge transformation fills our heart with proud and joy.

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