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The Mystical Experience of Reality is a well known non-biological, non-human historical phenomena that engulfed the author as a 14year-old several times every year until his late thirties, filling him with the experience of a Reality in which all things known and unknown exist at Its behest, guarding, guiding, accepting everything that exists separately, personally, individually. It is benign and uninterested in human wants or constructs such as religions, politics, ideologies.

The author is what Buddhism would call a pratyakabuddha, a silent buddha whose experience of this Reality was spontaneous, without having been requested or by given human help - a mystic. He insists the experience of Reality is caught, not taught, that it cannot be evangelized or proselytized, worshipped or used. Reality rules. Its ways are not our ways. Our ways are not Reality's. Jesus failed.

Religions are not spiritual, just emotional.

So the book started with a Blog, mysticexperiences.net for the author to examine himself and existence in accordance with the way of Reality. Accordingly, he found nothing in humanity worth studying.

This book is a summation of four years of using writing the blog to explore the awareness given him by his mystical experiences in the hope it will add to the literature on the subject, which is now being more seriously studied around the world than it has ever been by physicists, metaphysicists, philosophers, theologians, psychologists, even cosmologists - and especially Seekers, for whom the author has special messages for their unique hunger and thirst. The book also seeks to pass on Reality's message to the author: All is well.

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December 10
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