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Start Ghostwriting and Earn More as a Freelance Writer

What if you could put an end to the constant cycle of looking for more clients and freelance writing gigs. Imagine working from home without having to constantly hustle. Ghostwriting offers you the opportunity to do exactly this.

Cruz Santana has been ghostwriting for ten years. And for her, writing is a full-time job. As the sole breadwinner in her household, Cruz's writing feeds her family. What she doesn't know about ghostwriting isn't worth knowing.

And in this book, Cruz Santana will show you how to level up your freelance writing business.

Work From Home Doing Something You Love

This book is for you if you're a freelance writer and have hit an income ceiling.

You're tired of chasing low-paying gigs. You want to find more of the right clients. The gems in the rough. The kind of clients who challenge you and are a joy to work with. The ones who value you and your writing.

Why Become a Ghostwriter

If you have the patience to master it, ghostwriting can provide you with multiple four-figure clients. There are endless ghostwriting opportunities if you know where to look for them.

In this book, the authors share insider secrets that will help you break into the profitable ghostwriting niche. Including:

* How to choose a type of writing and niche;

* The five biggest sources of ghostwriting work;

* Proven pitching strategies to help you score your first ghostwriting gig;

* How to score $2,000 (and higher) projects by leveling up your skills;

* Other strategies to diversify your freelance writing business.

This is not a magic bullet. But if you're prepared to put in the hours, it does work.

Do you have what it takes? Sure, you could carry on as you are, continue to hustle hard and earn just enough to get by. Or you could take a leap of faith and start your ghostwriting journey today.

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Business & Personal Finance
January 21
Sally Miller
Draft2Digital, LLC

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