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If you are a follower of Jesus who knows the Bible says you are supposed to be prosperous but feel stuck at just enough, just in time, survival provision (or less) which is causing stress, worry, and strained relationships in your life...

Then this book is for you.

Many believers don't know how to prosper financially in the Kingdom of God. They give, but rarely, if ever, see increase. They see where Jesus said give and it will be given back to you. But it isn't working for them in the area of their finances. They sow financial seed, but don't know how to harvest.

God's ways are higher than the world's ways. And His ways are almost exactly backwards from the world's ways too. In the world’s way of doing things, the strong dominate the weak, and the rich oppress the poor. But the Kingdom of God is different. In the Kingdom of God, the strong defend the weak, and the wealthy bless the poor. God's Kingdom is designed so that everyone can prosper. God truly does have answers to all our questions, even the tough ones about money. God's grace has made perfect provision for our every need. His Kingdom provides ways for us to prosper in every area of our lives, including financially.

It is God’s desire that you become a financial resource for His Kingdom. But you cannot give away what you don’t yet have. Therefore we must leave the world’s ways of prospering financially behind and start walking in God’s ways instead.

Religion & Spirituality
May 15
SuccessCREEations, LLC
SuccessCREEations, LLC

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