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PART 3 – Multiple Part Serial – Please Read Full Description 
A binding alliance. New threats, and a disturbing discovery ...
Bound in a life-saving arrangement, Valerie is drawn even closer to the same people she is trying to escape. She finds a strange comfort in becoming part of Blake's family, but her safety comes at a cost with strict demands from Blake's uncle and restrictions on what evidence she can use against Max. 
Family secrets are revealed, along with a disturbing discovery tied to Max Brady and The Raven Hotel. 
Valerie's loyalty is tested as she treads a thin line of deception, torn by her feelings for Blake and her desire to make Max pay. 

A gripping fast-paced crime thriller! 

Part 3, Valerie Dawson Novella Series 
THIS BOOK IS PART OF A SERIES – Please Read Parts 1+2 First – Valerie: Trapped and Valerie: Isolated
Australian English Spelling

PLEASE NOTE: Each book in the Valerie Dawson Novella Series is a 'SERIAL SHORT READ' compared to the full-length standalone novels in the Andy Knight Series. Yes, that means there will be cliffhangers!

About the Valerie Dawson Novella Series 
Whilst the Valerie Dawson Novella Series can be read on its own, it was originally written as a novella side-series to compliment the full-length novels in the Andy Knight Series. Reading these series together will provide a richer reading experience as the characters' stories are intertwined throughout both series.
Each part of the Valerie Dawson Novella Series is time sensitive and has a recommended reading order to avoid spoilers, although if preferred you can read each series separately.

Either JUST PLAY ALONG (Book 1, Andy Knight Series) or VALERIE: TRAPPED (Part 1, Valerie Dawson Novella Series) can be read first. Then to avoid spoilers, the following reading order is recommended:
1. Just Play Along (Book 1, Andy Knight Series)
2. Valerie: Trapped (Part 1, Valerie Dawson Novella Series)
3. Valerie: Isolated (Part 2, Valerie Dawson Novella Series)
4. Bones of Deception (Book 2, Andy Knight Series)
5. Valerie: Bound (Part 3, Valerie Dawson Novella Series)
6. Valerie: Desperate (Part 4, Valerie Dawson Novella Series)
7. TBA 

Please note: Valerie: Isolated contains some small spoilers if read before Just Play Along, but it can still be read first, if preferred. 
The reading order of the combined two series is flexible and most books can be read in your preferred order with only minor spoilers, but it is highly recommended to read Bones of Deception (Book 2, Andy Knight Series) before reading Valerie: Desperate (Part 4, Valerie Dawson Novella Series) as it contains major spoilers and should be read in the correct order.

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 23
FRACTURE Publishing
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