Ricky the Time Traveling Trash Panda

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Publisher Description

What would you do if you had to save the life of a murderer? How do your daily choices impact animals and the planet? This is a book that just might make you question your life - but in a good way!

Great for vegans, vegetarians, environmentalists, or anyone who loves animals and the planet. This is a novel that deals with moral questions surrounding humans and animals sharing the same world. An enjoyable yet thought-provoking read for teens to adults!


An injured raccoon from the future. . . 

A shy girl. . . 

A mission to save the planet. . . 

But something wasn't right. 

Ricky thought he was prepared for anything. But he soon learned that a broken leg, an overly protective cat, and vindictive squirrels were the least of his worries. 

His mission was simple - save three targets in order to change the fate of the world and all of humanity. Those three targets were so important to the future of animals that he couldn't wait to meet them. 

Only they were the stuff of nightmares. . . A butcher, a hunter, and a scientist, all treating animals in the most horrible ways. 

Was this really the mission, or was there some kind of mistake? What should he do? 

The adventure begins!

Young Adult
February 3
Trash Panda Books
Kent Golden

Customer Reviews

Logan3music ,

So much fun to read!

This was such a fun book! As a busy adult, most of the time I fall asleep when I try to read any novels, but this one kept my attention every step of the way. The characters are wonderful and the story is great. It's an incredibly fun and timely book for animal lovers and anyone who cares about the planet!