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Silver Medalist, 2020 Axiom Business Book Awards, Business Fable Category

"It’s a ride that entertains as much as it inspires...it will make a worthy addition to any headbanger’s bookshelf." —PureGrainAudio

"Part life guide, part self-help, part business advice all wrapped in a Metal wrapper makes this book...one of the more interesting and unique Metal fan autobiographies on the market" —Metal-Rules.com

Angelo Spenillo is a successful lawyer whose career includes stints at the Justice Department, a Fortune 500 company, and one of the fastest growing technology startups. He’s built legal departments for companies with millions of dollars on the line. But underneath the suits and ties, he’s maintained a secret.

Angelo is a metalhead – he lives and breathes heavy metal music.

This is the amazing story of how metal guided Angelo to success as an attorney, in business, and in life. You’ll learn how metal supported every twist and turn of his unusual career path. Whether you’re a music lover, professional, or just looking for inspiration, the motivational stories and lessons from Angelo’s metal journey will open your mind to career possibilities and maybe even bring out the metalhead in you!

Arts & Entertainment
December 9
Angelo Spenillo

Customer Reviews

Cool girl108 ,

5/5 stars!

A good read with a intriguing story and lesson learning perspective from the author! Perfect Christmas gift for metalheads!

BeMovingForward ,

Get out of your MCZ (metal comfort zone) and read this book!

As a non-metalhead, I didn’t know what to expect. I find that if I read book about a genre or subgenre I’m not a fan of then it’s a risk to pick it up. Yet, that’s the point of this book. The author acknowledges that we often stay within our lanes when it comes to music and our careers and this is exactly why I’m so happy I read this. A good book will allow you to understand why the author loves a certain genre of art or music. A great book will allow you to feel the heart and passion for the art; it will put you in the mind of the author and teach you lessons about life you never expected. Finally, it will encourage you to try something new. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to the book’s Spotify playlist, listening to a metal song that I never would have found much less listened to on my own. This is a great book. It made me want to challenge my own assumptions and go out of my MCZ (“metal comfort zone”). I’m not sure if I will become a metalhead (that remains to be seen) but I’ve taken away some valuable lessons on taking risks and facing challenges. Even if I never become a metalhead, I enjoyed reading how someone found great success in the most unlikely career journey, inspired by a lifelong love of metal music. That kind of enthusiasm and zest for life is rare and inspiring. Whether you’re a metalhead or just looking for an insightful book chock full of wisdom, this is it. Kudos. BBC