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Happy Pride month! Read a poem a day!

Some readers want comfortable cozy poetry, the kind you read with a cat on your lap. However, the poems in 3AM will snap you out of your comfort zone much like Ginsberg did with "Howl."  Robert Frost said, "Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words."
The poems in 3 AM were birthed in the witching hours between midnight and dawn. I hope these poems send you flying around the room again and again.


The Man in The Moon 1

Who's up at 2 am?
The midnight oil has long burned out
Sleep and sex roll restless
On the worn mattress.
Dreams escape the open eyes
Shadows rattle the door
Three o'clock is the witching hour
Red ashes float from the patio
Eyes across the courtyard catch you breathing.
You look away only to look again.
You know the lonely mattress would enjoy the company
And your lilac-scented air could use some funk.
But the night won't last a lifetime, so
You slip back into your room and wonder,
What if there is a man in the moon?

A Good Dog

The neighbor beats his dog at 3am
and he don't stop
I hear her tail beating the wall
and he don't stop
She gnaws on his bone
and he don't stop
All night long she whines
and he don't stop
Her collar and chain drags the floor
and he don't stop
She begs at the table
and he don't stop
She rolls over and plays dead
and he don't stop
She fetches his slippers
and he don't stop
She trees his birds
and he don't stop
She has his puppies
and he don't stop
All in the wee hours I hear
bitch bitch bitch
and he don't stop.

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