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An obscure legend speaks of a man with dragon wings. Fifteen hundred years ago the man ventured into our world searching for a companion, but none could be found. He left a statue of his likeness in the keep of the castle in the hopes that one day his companion would come to him.

Christine wasn’t one to believe in legends, and certainly not on her trip through the wilds of Wales. The tour package her friend picked out for them brought them to the castle where the winged figure stood, encased in stone and superstition. Superstition, however, couldn’t explain the strange attraction she felt toward the handsome statue. Those stone eyes seemed to beckon to her, calling her to him with a force she couldn’t deny, and which she wasn’t sure she wanted to.

A haunting dream and a single touch, and she’s transported into a new world and a new life. Helplessness and confusion grip her heart as she finds herself under the power of the dragon, but there’s something in his eyes that pleads with her to remain. Will her desire to return home triumph, or will she accept the fate that's been offered to her?

April 14
Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.
Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Angelajosephine ,

Fun story

A little odd - felt like a whole world was created very quickly. But, overall, a food story.

BrooklynnRose ,

Like it

I liked this book, but didn’t love it. It didn’t make me want to stay up all night to finish it. It had a very clean plot, and the furthest the two ever went was kissed. I appreciate that a lot, especially because that’s so hard to find nowadays. But it was just a little slow in some parts, I guess. And then the ending was kind of weird, especially the last page where it mentions the box of the next book. I understand what the author is trying to do, but it just felt weird and off putting. There was definitely a chunk of the book in the middle where it was kind of slow, and then it suddenly sped up especially at the end. I do like it, but I felt like there was no chemistry between Chris and the dragon. Like I just didn’t really notice any, and honestly if I were her I would have tried to leave because I didn’t see any connection between the two. I felt like there was more of a connection between the first Lord in her home world. I just felt like they didn’t really like each other, and were only thrown together because of the dragon’s portal, and he felt responsible for her. I

Kimbo1216 ,

Didn’t work for me

This books needs so much editing. Not just for typos, but for clarification also. I did finish but was tempted to dnf. I just had so many distracting issues. Like, is Chris really only 18? What’s her story? Why is she on a trip with a 25yo? How are they friends? Why does the 25yo use a paper map? What year is this? The whole castle scene at the beginning? Really? Let’s set that up. Let’s even suspend belief it all happened that way with a meal for dozens of people ready to go after a two mile walk in the rain with luggage. Let’s let all that go and accept it. Just to leave it all behind and not return to it? Just to have our 18yo heroine leave to another world and then not even give us a glimpse of an hea with her reason for staying?

Idk. Just so much didn’t work. It was so poorly developed. I just didn’t connect and wasn’t emotionally invested.

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