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You can get in a lot of trouble if you read someone else’s mail and think you are supposed to act on the directives given specifically to the correct recipient of the letter. That is especially true if it is a request for a getaway driver in an upcoming bank robbery. Likewise, knowing which words in the Word of God are written TO YOU is critical to shaping your image of God and your relationship with Him and His Son, as well as to maximizing your vast spiritual potential.

Today there is rampant speculation, disguised as actual biblical doctrine, about “eschatology”—those scriptures "dealing with last, or final, matters such as death, the Judgment, the future state, etc.” We must first understand the “administrations” in God’s Word, that is, how He has related to and dealt with mankind throughout the ages, beginning with the original Paradise, which the First Adam squandered. Jesus Christ, “the Last Adam,” is God’s plan to restore that Paradise for all people who have ever believed in His Son as their Lord—and He will!

Understanding the Administrations in Scripture is indispensable to apprehending and applying God's wonderful Word, in particular the panoramic overview of "His Story” and how you fit into it. As we will see in Scripture, there are only three main categories of people who have ever lived—so the question is, “What parts of the Bible are written to each of those three kinds of folks, either in their past or their present or their future?” Answering that vital question correctly is your first step toward fruitful intimacy with your Heavenly Father.

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March 26
The Living Truth Fellowship
The Living Truth Fellowship

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