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The Survivors

"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Is anyone alive out there? …hello?"

War was uglier than we'd imagined. The Draft was reinstated, taking our men and boys. Within days, stores had nothing on the shelves; people began to starve. Hospitals closed due to lack of space and medicine. Police stopped answering calls; they stopped coming to work at all. Topside production faded; communications became spotty. Then the power went off…and it didn't come back on.

The fall of society triggered a hard, new life where survival became the only focus. We shunned each other and the old ways, killing anyone who was different. We reverted to primitive behaviors, using the war as an excuse to commit unspeakable atrocities, and humanity slipped deeper into the abyss of possible extinction. Soon, darkness blanketed the post-apocalyptic lands with hatred and violence that seemed to have no end.

"The end of the world has given us a harsh, merciless existence, where nature tries hard to push mankind to the very brink of extinction. Everything is against us, between us... Untold miles of lawless, apocalyptic roads wait for our feet, and the future, cold and dark, offers little comfort. Without change, there can be no peace--only survivors."

Humanity's Fate Hangs in Balance

Survival isn't a given for anyone as mysterious forces move the pawns across a horror-filled chessboard toward a final apocalyptic battle that will either save the world or finish destroying it.

The Survivors Book One

785 pages

This file includes:
Deleted scenesEagle teamsThe first chapter of book two

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 14
Angela White
Draft2Digital, LLC

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