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The Sheikh's Captive American

Sheikh Tarek of Zahkim doesn't believe in superstitions or hunches, so when an old woman tells him an angel will fall from the sky and save him and his tiny kingdom, he ignores such a prophecy—until Tess Angel crashes into his life. Literally. Now he's struggling with an attraction to this very modern woman—but her life is worlds away from his own. There's no chance of a future for them, but in the present moment, he can't keep his hands off her. 

After her jet crashes, Tess Angel is stuck in Zahkim with a gorgeous sheikh, and she has a hunch they could be soulmates. But this sheikh keeps telling her he's a rational man who doesn't believe in true love, and while his grandmother is scheming to keep Tess in Zahkim, Sheikh Tarek seems willing to let her go on her way. Can she convince him there's more to this world than facts and numbers—and that true love can overcome any obstacles?

The Sheikh's Determined Lover

Christine Harper has no intention of becoming a Middle Eastern princess. She just wants access to the royal palace to find the research her father needs. He's badly ill, but Christine figures she can find a reason for him to live. That reason just might be solid proof for her father's theories of the 'Lion People', an ancient tribe who first settled Egypt. To find the necessary proof and help her father, she's willing to put her own career second… and even accept a deal from Sheikh Arif ben Iben.

Arif is a man who knows what he wants—and what has been foretold to him in the stars. If he and his cousins marry for love, his country will prosper. And he's fallen for Christine Harper at first sight. The small spitfire is the woman he wants to win, but she turns down his immediate proposal. When she asks for access to the palace archives, he makes her a bargain—she'll have all the access she wants for three months, but he will use that time to convince her to marry him and stay in Zahkim. Now, Arif is out to win the love of his life, but can he pull her from the dusty papers long enough to prove their love is more than a fleeting fancy?

The Sheikh's Unexpected Wife

Sheikh Nasim Said is going through with his arranged marriage—it will be good for business, and his country Zahkim, even if his cousin Arif says it will be a disaster. But when his veil- shrouded bride faints halfway through the ceremony, he discovers he hasn't married the daughter of a neighboring king, but the luscious Ginni Leeland. His wife is a stranger, but he can't wait to get to know her better –in every way—even if her stunt has threatened Zahkim's relationship with their neighbor.

Ginni is full of Southern charm, and she plans to put it to good use in Zahkim, proving to her daddy she's ready to take over the family business by cementing a deal to transport Zahkim's oil. Helping her friend elope by taking her place (temporarily!) in her wedding is the perfect ruse to get her close to Sheikh Nasim. But the marriage wasn't supposed to be legally binding! Now she's married to a sheikh, her daddy's furious, and—worst of all—she's falling in love with her new husband. Now Ginni has to prevent a war, seal the deal with Zahkim, and keep her heart from breaking—all in less than a week.

April 14
Relay Publishing
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