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Shared Vision and Values is the basis of a teamís cohesiveness and a key area in which team members practicing Intentional Leadership must reach alignment. High performance teams attain great results by ensuring that all team members are aligned with the Vision and Values of the team or organization.

Every team member should be familiar with and have a strong connection to the teamís Shared Vision and Values. Intentional Leaders find multiple opportunities to engage, inspire and influence the sharing of the teamís Vision and Values, so that the Vision and Values are indeed shared by all.

We will cover the following in this workbook:

How teams may refer to these shared expressions as their Vision or Mission statement, a list of their core Values, or a statement of their Strategy. The task of establishing and maintaining Shared Vision and Values after we have developed a Team Compass.

How you can use Personal Intervention to help you when youíre discovering your Team Compass. How Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy can all be referred to with the more general term we use in the 8e context, the Team Compass, which includes all of these terms.

How the E-Colors can each help you and your teammates discover your Team Compass. ìBuilding a Vision, Mission, Values and Strategyî ñ a case study with a drilling contractor.

A Mission is a brief description of a teamís fundamental purpose that requires action. Vision is an image we hold in our mind, rather than one we simply see with our eyes. Values are principles that we follow in our professional and personal lives. Strategy is a plan of action designed to satisfy an overall goal, such as achieving a Mission, realizing a Vision or implementing Values.

When you purchase this workbook, you will have access to:

1) Workbook objectives

2) Workbook overview

3) Scorecard - self assessment 

4) Key Principles

5) The E-Colors and the Team Compass

6) Personal Intervention and the Team Compass 

7) Building a Mission, Vision, Values and Strategy

8) One story

9) Reflection

10) Another story

11) Shared vision and values module - exercise

12) Scorecard - self assessment 

13) Group discussion

14) The Elephant in the Room

15) Calibrating our Team Compass

16) Debrief


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