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Would you like to have Thanksgiving without yelling at your uncle about politics? How about spending the day with your in-laws on the opposite side of the aisle without walking on eggshells? Your best friend from high school? Your neighbor? The list goes on. Persuade, Don't Preach will give you the tools to have productive conversations with those you don't see eye to eye with.


As a society, we've become so polarized, we don't know how to talk to each other anymore. When we disagree, we often start to preach. And then the other person freezes or explodes. The next thing we know, we're even more polarized than we were to begin with.

What's the key to get past this?

It all comes down to persuading instead of preaching.

Karen Tibbals distills the latest social science research to create a practical plan for talking to each other in a respectful and civil way—a way that enables people to get past their differences.

Persuade, Don't Preach explains why people differ and why what we're doing now simply doesn't work. You'll understand why particular groups of people focus on certain issues. This knowledge will bring you to true understanding and guide you to developing a plan for approaching people you disagree with in a way that restores civility and allows them to listen.

About the Author:

Karen Tibbals is a passionate author and speaker who came to writing books after studying why people act the way they do for decades as part of her successful corporate career as a marketing researcher.

She took a detour from her career for a degree in religion from Earlham School of Religion. Karen was so excited about what she learned that it totally changed how she thought about life and politics! To capture these thoughts, she has written two books about applying these theories to life as well as marketing and marketing research.

Karen has used these theories to develop the Ethical Frames model and its applications. She gives speeches and workshops to raise awareness about our Ethical Frames and how to use them—in life, in politics, in marketing, and in management. Contact her at info@ethicalframes.com to learn more.


From Sister Simone, Nuns on the Bus & NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Justice: "I did savor your book and passed it on to our mobilization team that does our training on difficult conversations. I LOVE how you and others are exploring this important intersection to figure out how to make connections in otherwise broken communities. May all of this create much needed connections."

From Brent Bill, Quaker author: "Persuade, Don't Preach is an important resource for those who would like to see more civil discourse around hard issues in our polarized society. Quakers and others who seek to see that of God in all people will find it especially helpful."

From Patricia Kane, former Director of Education, NJ Audubon:

[Persuade, Don't Preach] is an amazing breakthrough on getting productive dialogue started … with examples [that] are simple and easy to implement and adapt to personal style.<p>

From Leigh Tolton, Pastor, West Elkton Friends: "This amazing book is saving families." 

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