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Photographs, audio clips and tales of my adventures with Warren Zevon

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Photographs and tales of my adventures with Warren Zevon. Now with Audio

There has been plenty written about the darker side of Warren’s life. I think the good out weighs the bad. A lot of people had a lot of wonderful times with him. This book celebrates those times and the man Warren was when he was not in combat with his demons. His humor and biting wit were a splendid thing to be around. The bad may have sold papers and intrigued folks, but the good side of WZ is far more interesting. 

People often comment that they wished that the media covered more good news and stories of unique humans doing interesting things. Well,  this is one of those good news stories that needs to told, hence, this book.

Warren had a multitude of friends that have countless stories of fun, creative and hilarious times with him. This is one of them. I spent a little over five years with Warren; five years that he says were some of the best days of his life, and mine too. After perusing this book you’ll have a bit more insight into the wonderful, fun loving and complex individual that was Warren William Zevon.  Enjoy the ride, we did.  - 

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Customer Reviews

Matt Caflisch ,

Lawyers, Guns, & Photos BOTH VERSIONS!!!

I first read the Apple Books ePub version of this must-read Zevon book. I didn’t want it to end! I found it interesting that Warren went on the road as a solo act as early as ‘83. The Hawaii ‘83 show featured throughout the ePub is great. I also like that this ePub version lets us hear his voice joking and laughing out on the road. I’ve read the other Zevon books and they are great (especially Crystal’s), but Gruel’s has a lot of inside information (and photos!) the others don’t have: Zevon Nikes, Tom Petty in the screening room, Zevon’s patched together musical gear, and traveling around Europe with 2-track tapes to appear on TV. I loved the Bad Luck Streak front cover outtakes, too. A great read, look, and listen! I then purchased the print-on-demand version from via and was pleasantly surprised by the print quality and print version exclusive materials. You wouldn’t know it wasn’t a mass produced book. It is great quality. I recommend BOTH VERSIONS!!!

slang of ages ,

George Gruel thanks!

One of the best interactive books out there and a fitting tribute to Warren Zevon. A fantastic peek behind the curtain. Love it!

Lisa P48 ,

Lawyers Guns and Photos by George Gruel

George Gruel offers a rare glimpse into the life of Warren Zevon on the road and very candid. It is a must have for all Zevon enthusiasts. The audio clips offer another dimension to the experience of getting to know Warren. Page 104 alone is worth the price of admission. If you’re a Zevon fan, treat yourself to this awesome read! Ahoo! I’m

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