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"There has to be a better way." After years of dedicated work in the middle of the pile, Stanley Armstrong finds himself with creeping doubt that the way he has been told to get ahead may be wrong. In the midst of that doubt, two cultural outsiders seek him out and ask him a question that rings a bell that cannot be unrung and starts him on a journey of discovery and belonging. For all of us who have looked at the ways and heard the doctrine about how are supposed to get ahead and thought, "There has to be a better way," Bootsville is the story for you. Bootsville explores the toxic and self-destructive behavior of bootstrapping and the freedom of finding your place in a collaborative and fulfilling team. It asks the questions that challenge the doctrine of self-sufficiency and offers hope that we can go further in a team of like-minded collaborators. From first time author, Christopher M. White, Bootsville is based on principles derived from practical experience inside of his successful and growing regional client-focused legal service provider nestled inside of Eastern rural Ohio. Chris and his team at White Law Office, Co. are breaking down assumptions and building a legal service platform that is doing real and tangible good for their communities. Through collaboration, teamwork, understanding, and applying individual strengths toward a team objective, White Law Office has grown into a multi-million dollar practice with an amazing team culture. These principles have been distilled and refined into the narrative that is Bootsville. Is there a better way? Yes, there is.

Fiction & Literature
May 12
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Christopher White

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