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From the time she was a child, Genevieve experienced confused and often contrary feelings when around other people, especially those closest to her.  Normal, so she thought. 

However, the day her daughter is born, everything changes.  Normal will be for everyone else now, and there is no turning back.  She has discovered an empathic gift of emotion that she barely understands.

As Genevieve grapples with the ability that seems to have no real purpose, she soon discovers its power is far more complex.  After a devastating accident of a loved one, Genevieve learns the magnitude of its scope, going beyond the reaches of anything she, or anyone else, has ever done before.

With time and practice, Genevieve masters her unique skill to delve into the darkest corners of a person's psyche and unlock secrets of which even the individual is unaware.  Other times, she relishes her heightened senses as they take her mind and body to a pinnacle state of euphoria.

But not all emotions can be controlled, especially when it comes to family. 

As Genevieve struggles to help others find peace, it is the unspeakable secrets within her own family that she may never recover from.

From the author of "Crossroads Through Time" comes this poignant and mystifying life story of Genevieve Walker.  While doing her best as she wrestles with her destiny as a spiritual empath, and dreams that perpetually haunt her, it's the patient and passionate love of her husband, Teddy that she clings to like a lifesaver in a never-ending turbulent sea.

Fiction & Literature
May 12
Sheryl Frazer
Draft2Digital, LLC

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