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George o'Donnelly's playing name is GoD and he is hell-bent on bringing about the ‘End of the World’, in a game called Creation. He does not know his life is about to change when he teams up with another player Evylin, whose gaming name is Evil to complete this task.

The story is set in the future when the world, as we know it, no longer exists. Humanity has destroyed the planet almost to annihilation. Mother Nature has become an ugly shadow of her former self – the air is toxic, electrical storms hit without warnings, and animals have mutated. Humans have resorted to staying inside their homes, or living cubes, made habitable by artificial means, while everyone frowns upon venturing outside and physically touching others. As humans are social animals, they have to look for ways to safely connect to other people. Advanced technology helps through the six nets, and the only socializing there is happens online in the virtual world. But even there – the world created by the descendants of those who had destroyed nature in the first place – not much has changed; people kill each other, act obscenely, and indulge in every twisted fantasy they have.

George is a participant in one such world – the game called Creation. And he enjoys every bit of it. In reality, he is just a far-from-perfect, overweight, snotty-nosed kid who lives alone with his widower father. But, he is GoD – an Olympus warrior, a skilled tactician and killing-machine who destroys his opponents with no remorse in The Creation. He is a lonely nobody with no friends in one world, but a perfect specimen of a human being who instills fear in others by dealing quick, merciless death in the other. He spends endless hours lying on his gaming bed and whines about his father’s outdated car in the real world; but in Creation, he reigns, along with big names like Ng Mui, Boudicca, Gráinne Mhaol, and Spoiler!

After fleeing from Spoiler and forced to commit suicide, GoD ends up with Evil. His avatar life takes unexpected turns as, ironically, GoD and Evil team up to bring about the ‘End of the World.’

But there is more. After killing a fan, GoD finds himself being stalked by her. She wants more than virtual reality. She wants ancient ideas of romance. And she is clever enough to get it. Very clever.

The sci-fi fantasy novel presents a terror-inducing glimpse into the future – what the world is bound to become as a result of humanity’s mindless exploitation. And you will realize that though we fear that world, we all contribute to its creation. You will discover the beauty, though, when you read about the subtle hints at the true human nature that, deep down, is always filled with love, compassion, and care for others. Take a look inside, and find out all these amidst the exciting action, suspense, and thriller of GoD’s adventure.

Young Adult
August 31
EH verlag
edward holden

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