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This collection features the first books of the following series by Grea Alexander:

AMARNA BOOK I: BOOK OF IDA - A fictional interpretation of true historical events

Did the Amarna line really end with King Tut's Death?

After King Tutankhamen’s death, his queen has but one hope to maintain her hold on the throne - an alliance with the Hittites. With Ay and Horemheb watching her every move, there is only one person she can trust to save her and her line - a girl, a slave - Ida.


Amarna is a ridiculously, historically accurate drama set in Ancient Egypt, Hattusa & Syria that is centered around the strange but true events surrounding the battle for the throne of Egypt following Pharaoh Tutankhamun's death and the interconnected events that took place in the Hittite empire.

It includes an end matter feature that details what did and didn't really happen.


CABELLO: MINEAU - A supernatural revenge horror fantasy fable

Nightmares are the stuff that answered prayers are made of.

When everyone involved in the cover up of Mineau December's abuse and brutal assault begin to die under mysterious circumstances, Mineau believes her prayers are finally being answered. Answered prayers, however, quickly turn into a nightmare when Mineau finds that her savior is more dangerous than anyone she has ever known, than anything she could possibly dare imagine.


MIAEL: FAMILY - A supernatural horror fantasy fable

Curiosity may well have killed the cat, but it damned for eternity the phoenix and the seraph.

On one hot Ozark night, when one of Miael's games leads to murder, it's only natural that Jessica should follow Miael's council. Only natural that she should feel no guilt or remorse. Only natural that they should kill again.


THE PACK: ADDISON - A werewolf horror fantasy fable

Addison Savaughn's only sin was being born at the wrong time, to the wrong bloodline.

Instead of friends, Addison had Mama and the Hunters' Guild. Still, there was just one problem. Addison didn't believe a word of it.

She didn't believe in Mama. She didn't believe in the Guild. And she certainly didn't believe in wolves with hair on the inside.


REBELLION BOOK I: BOOK OF QUAY - A steamy romantic historical saga set in Qing Dynasty China

Intrigue, deception, betrayal. What are a few knives in the back between two lovers?

As the Han rebellion against the Emperor intensifies, Princess Soung becomes caught in the middle. As bait in the Emperor's most brazen bid to date to bring Phong Quay down, the princess may just find herself a casualty in the battle between the two men - a battle between the past and the present, between the truth and lies, between love and revenge.

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January 23
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