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Here is my new book that covers my simplified view of using DNA in genealogical research. I tried to say away from using scientific terms and keep it simple. I know my methods work because I solved a mystery of a non-marital mystery with no paper trail or oral history. It's a very short read (84 pages) but should help most of DNA test-takers understand their test results. It is available as a print book and eBook.

The DNA testing companies have flooded the market with many promotional ads that promise to unlock secrets in our family trees. The result of the promotions has generated large sales of DNA test kits and large numbers of genealogists who are looking for methods to understand their DNA test results. This book will give the reader some hints on how to use DNA results to expand their research and family history.

The critical value of this book is my explanation of how to overcome the scientific nature of the results by looking at your results using traditional genealogical skills. My explanation includes practical examples of how to use the tools, and my goal is to simplify how you analyze your results in terms that all of us as genealogists can understand. I present a case-study, where I discuss using these tools to find a biological father whose existence was a total surprise to his son.

Genetics is not an easy science to understand, and many test-takers are confused by their results. Use the tools discussed in this book to begin searching for understanding of your DNA results. Focus on the goals you had when you ordered your test kit. Follow the clues to open up new information for your family history. DNA testing is only one tool in your genealogy tool kit, but it is a powerful tool. Use it wisely. Learn to use DNA and traditional genealogical techniques in tandem, and you will be able to harness the full value of genetic testing.

June 17
Stephen Szabados
Draft2Digital, LLC

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