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The Complete 'Brothers in Arms Series' Boxset. Dive into three Navy Seal romances! This series focuses on Navy SEALs who were "Brothers-in-Arms".

SEAL Defender
Mark Aleki Rogers left the Navy SEALs behind, but he found another use for his special skills. He and his fellow "Brothers-in-Arms" now run an intense boot camp that trains civilians to survive extreme situations. Mark's size is intimidating, but the half-Samoan surfer is an eternal optimist. A suspicious string of suicides among SEALs, however, has Mark convinced it's murder. He's determined to get to the bottom of it…quietly. If he doesn't, a murderer may go free. 

Reporter Geneva Rios has come to the California coast looking for a story. The recent SEAL suicides are connected to the Brothers-in-Arms, and Geneva wants to know more. The interview she's hoping for, though, comes at a price. The smoking-hot SEAL won't talk unless she completes his training course. If she can survive Mark's audition, she'll have the angle she needs. Spending more time with Mark has its own perks, but for the exotic brunette, exposing the Navy SEALs is more than just a story…it's personal. 

SEAL Protector
Ex-Navy SEAL Vann Highrider has given everything to Brothers-in-Arms, the boot camp he owns with his teammates. He's facing his toughest mission yet—someone is framing the SEALs for murder. It's up to Vann to clear their name to keep their business afloat…and his Brothers out of jail. The last thing he needs is more bad press from a stupid accident. So when he finds a petite brunette failing miserably at his survival course, the Cherokee tracker wants to send her packing. Yet there's something about her he can't say no to…. But if she wants a second chance, she'll have to follow his every move.

Restaurant heiress Mercy Conde may be business savvy, but she's always lacked physical prowess. If she wants to take her family's empire overseas, though, she has to prove she can take care of herself. Brothers-in-Arms' survival training seems like the perfect fit, but it doesn't take long for this deep thinker to realize she's in over her head. When tall, dark, handsome Vann offers to take her under his wing, she agrees to play things his way…especially when his way has her under more than just his wing.

SEAL Guardian

When murder meets romance, temptation turns deadly…

Former Navy SEAL Jace Stevens never shies away from danger. And with a madman on the loose, framing the Brothers-in-Arms for murder, Jace is ready to put an end to the killing for good. But one person stands in his way: a beautiful, tough-as-nails FBI agent who won't let Jace out of her sight. And he's not sure he wants her to…

Felicity Belasko is an FBI agent who always gets her man. She knows the SEAL suicides are really murders, and she's sure there's a connection to the Brothers-in-Arms. But are they suspects…or victims? When her investigation leads to Jace, they quickly lock horns in a clash of wills. He wants to stop the killer on his own, but Felicity can't let that happen. No matter how attractive she finds the smoking hot ex-SEAL…

But as sparks fly between them, the killer plots his next move. Can Felicity and Jace work together to stop this madman? Or is their mutual attraction a dangerous diversion…

June 18
Relay Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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