Basics of Computer

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Basics of Computer, Third Edition

The fact that computer can increase productivity, and a good understanding of the software running on it can further make you more productive at doing everything, however, doesn't make it inherently easy for everyone to use. For many people, technologies and terminologies are a bit terrifying or downright daunting.

Basics of Computer, Third Edition, eradicates any intimidation about the computer. With a minimal investment of time, you'll soon able to understand basic concepts and perform simple tasks on your computer.

Chapter-wise approach provides navigation through the contents, easy to grasp the language, clear technical definitions, and appropriate illustrations provide an understandable read to students.

Basics of Computer will serve as a toolkit for naive and experts as well. It fits best for those who want to know about technology and curious about computers. The plain English explanations are extremely useful. With this book, you will truly learn something new each day.

Basics of Computer, Third Edition will equip you

To Learn Computer Concepts in Plain English
To Learn Practical Computer Skills Needed for Everyday Life
To Maintain Hardware and Software by Using Safe Lab Procedures and Tool
To Make You Productive by Using Productivity Software (Word, Excel, Access)
To Use Microsoft Excel for Inter-conversion of Number Systems
To Identity Impacts of Computer and Internet on Society
To Learn and Improve Skills with Top 20 Free and Online Resources
To Deal with Spam E-mails
To Understand the Fundamental concepts of Networking
To Share and Use a Printer on a Local Network

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Computers & Internet
June 27
Muhammad Umar
Draft2Digital, LLC

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